Plan your weekly resources from a dynamic and and intuitive screen. You can create tasks (interventions) and plan your current projects. Manage duration, priority tasks and assign workers via simple drag and drop. The workers receive their schedule in real time.

Activity monitoring

You are informed in real time of the activity of your workers. Arrival on a construction site, taking photos, encoding a form, departure .... All data encoded via the smartphone is synchronized and quickly available on the web application.


Create your custom forms and facilitate the encoding of information in a structured way. Simple forms (request for leave, purchase of equipment, illness ...) or complex (maintenance report, estimate, ...). Forget your paper forms!


Generate value-added reports based on the information collected. Report of visit with pictures to send to your client, report of your workers' benefits, report of activity on a project ...


You are concerned by the obligation to declare workers to the ONSS (Belgium), iBouw allows the worker to declare automatically from his smartphone when he arrives on a construction site.

les données sont enregistrées dans le cloud
les travailleurs ont accès aux données grâce à iBouw

iBouw is a cloud solution for project management. The prime principle of our solution is the operational management of projects from a web interface (usually via a desktop computer) and an easy and rational encoding system done via a mobile application by workers on their smartphones. Your information’s are automatically sent and stored on the cloud and accessed in real time by the authorized company’s users. It works everywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

The iBouw tools


From a web browser, create tasks, assign workers and place them in the calendar.

Your workers see on their smartphones the tasks they are assigned for the day.

Activity tracker

Start visits (scheduled or spontaneous) and encode your travel times and kilometers with a single click. Take photos, notes, and complete structured reports.

Check all the activity and documents associated with a particular project (photos, hours, reports, notes, benefits).


From a web browser, via an intuitive tool, create custom forms including functions such as text box, selection box, check box, pictures, signature …

Your workers select from their smartphone the appropriate form from the list of available forms and only have to fill in the dedicated boxes. They can also create a simple text note and even add pictures.

Report generation

Generate several types of useful pdf reports. Report of visit, report of the services of a worker, report of services on a construction site.

CheckinAtWork declaration

From a web browser, report remotely and in a few clicks your workers at the ONSS.

Your workers having started a visit to a site subject to the declaration obligation CheckinAtWork, automatically see a button that they just need to click to report in real time to the NSSO.


In Belgium, the law obliges entrepreneurs to register their workers on construction sites with a value greater than € 500,000. With iBouw, you can register yourself and your workers in seconds on CheckinAtWork, wherever you are using your phone.

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iBouw is also

  • Automatic backup of pictures in the cloud aggregated by site
  • Visualization of working hours by worker and by site
  • A solution without cost of material
  • The sharing of documents
  • The drawing of annotations by simple tactile contact on pictures
  • Construction site statistics
  • A digital signature function of notes and intervention forms by your clients
  • Map visualization of the company's services and projects
  • A dynamic product in permanent evolution
  • A new way of working that will make you saving time
  • A new way to bill your interventions by attaching an illustrated professional report
  • A new way to manage your subcontractors. Now, it is you who sends them for billing purposes their reports of worked hours on your sites.


Create your free iBouw account. The free version is functional but limited to 2 mobile users, and a storage space of 1Gb. If iBouw meets your expectations and you want to enjoy unlimited functionality, then we have an attractive subscription plan.

Free version PRO version
Price ** free 19€/month per user
Mobile users Up to 2 Unlimited
Encoding of visits
Photo management
(per site/visit)
Encoding of memos
Form management
Photo annotation
Cloud storage * 1Gb max 1€/Gb

* iBouw incorporates an image compression algorithm that automatically reduces the size of pictures before sending and storing them in the cloud. 1 GB corresponds to about 3000 pictures. In addition iBouw allows the removal of photos and documents become useless in order to allow you to control your storage volume

** price excl. VAT


Create your iBouw account now!

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  3. Create workers, building sites.
  4. Install the mobile app on your workers smartphones.
  5. Create site visits, take pictures, notes … and observe the result!

If you want to manage more than 2 users or if you want to enjoy more storage space, you can upgrade to the PRO version at any time.

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